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London's Chequers transport attains green achiever scheme silver status.

London's Chequers transport attains green achiever scheme silver status. With a fleet of over two-hundred cars, Chequers transport has been proactive in looking for ways to reduce emissions since 2004. MD Phil Alexander explains: "The economical hybrid Prius now make up seventy percent of our fleet, with monitoring of fuel consumption and maintenance of every vehicle taking place regularly. All of our employees in the main office and five satellites located throughout London are very energy conscious and turn off electrical equipment, activate sleep features, use recycled paper, cardboard, packaging, pens, pencils, mouse-mats and furniture. New staff will be introduced to the Chequers environmental policy as part of their induction to the company. We also have audit systems in place, so suppliers will need to demonstrate their environmental credentials as well as a purchasing policy that considers environmental issues in the decision making process. It's exciting and we have embraced the green achiever scheme to ensure that Chequers transport is not only a leader in it's field when it comes to environmental issues but as a result, a business our customers and suppliers want to work with." Deborah Cairns, operations manager at E4environment and with specific responsibility for the green achiever scheme, said: "Consumers whether they are public or business to business are demanding more from retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, for example more recyclable products and packaging, as well as services and products that are environmentally friendly. The staff and management at Chequers transport are demonstrating a conviction to enhancing their green status that not only sets a standard for others to follow but will save the organisation money too. Congratulations to them on gaining silver status."